[intro] Have you logged into your Obodo shop to find that you can't use your Edit Buttons and some parts of the back end aren't responding to you? [/intro]

Why do I need to clear my browser cache?

The reason you can't use your Edit Buttons is that you need to clear the cache on your browser. This does not mean clearing the browsing history, nor is it something specific to the Obodo platform. Clearing the cache on your browser is a necessary part of basic maintenance, whether you're using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

If you're not familiar with why you need to do this, the best way of explaining it is to imagine that your browser is a window that you use to view the internet with. For every single website you visit, your 'window' will get 'dirty', as your browser needs to hold a number of files and cookies which tell it where different elements of pages - such as text and graphics - should be displayed, auto-fill information for forms and so on.

When you own an online shop of your own, and particularly when you are working on the design and the structure, your browser needs to remember all of the different versions of your shop as you work away, which is why you'll find your browser cache - window - needs clearing more often so you can see and use the internet properly again. Below you'll find a list of Guides - one for each of the most popular browsers. Select the most relevant and follow the instruction within and your Edit Buttons will then become visible again.




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