[intro] When you have completed this Guide, you will have customised your invoices on your Obodo shop with your own branding and contact details, ready to be sent with your customer’s orders. [/intro]

1. From the Dashboard, click the Orders tab:

2. On the Orders page, click on any order to open it up:

3. Now you need to click the Print button in the top right-hand corner of the order:

4. This will open up the Print window. Click ‘Select Print Options’:

5. Using the tick boxes provided, you can select which elements of the order are included in the invoice, including the Order Notes. If you’re not sure which to choose, leave them on their default settings. To customise the actual invoice you need to click ‘Change Footer’ towards the bottom of the window:

6. This will open the Change Footer window. In the field provided, add in your business address, telephone number and VAT reg number before clicking the green Save button:

7. This will return you to the Print window. You now need to click ‘Change Header’:

8. This will open up the Change Header window. Dependent on the style of your logo, you may want to stick with the same version that is displayed on your Obodo shop. However, if you wish to add a slightly different version to your invoices, click the green Edit button:

9. You’ll now see the Select Header Style window. Click to Use Image:

10. Click the grey ‘Choose File’ button to locate the image you’d like to use on your own computer:

11. When you’ve located the image, you’ll see its name listed next to the Choose File button. Click the green Upload button:

12. Now you’ll see a preview of your logo in the Change Header window. Click the Back button:

13. This will return you to the original Print window. Click the green Print button:

You will automatically see the invoice has downloaded to your computer as a PDF file. Click the PDF to open it, and the invoice will open on a separate browser tab. From here you can either print it out to put in with your customer’s order or alternatively email them the PDF as an email attachment.



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