[intro]In this Guide, you’ll learn how to optimise your Product Pages to ensure that your Obodo shop delivers not only an outstanding customer experience but that your content is suitable to submit to Google Shopping.[/intro]



When you are building and designing your Obodo shop, it’s important to recognise how the content on your Product Pages is displayed. Remember that not every visitor will enter your Obodo shop via the Homepage, so you need to ensure that every Product, Category and Webpage include the right details as they too will be the first points of contact for new customers. 

This is especially true in the case of Product Pages, where customers may visit the Product Page as the result of seeing the Product listed on Google Shopping, or shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, for example.

Bear in mind too that not every customer will use a desktop or laptop computer to access your Obodo shop, so you also need to ensure that your content displays well for customers using tablets and mobile devices. It’s worth mentioning that if you use Google Analytics on your Obodo shop to monitor traffic, over time you will understand what device your customers use the most and be able to tailor your content around that. 

Of course, the kind of Products you sell on your Obodo shop may dictate how the content should be displayed as well. In this Guide, we’ll discuss some of the general guidelines you should apply to ensure that your Product Pages are as effective as possible and that your content is ready to be submitted to Google Shopping. 



  • You need to ensure that your logo is hyperlinked to the Homepage of your Obodo shop, allowing visitors to quickly navigate there if need be. 
  • You also need to ensure that you have used exactly the same logo on the social media for your Obodo shop - this includes Twitter Profiles, Facebook Pages and Instagram. This ensures that there's brand continuity for customers that have arrived at your Product Page as a result of clicking a link on your social media.

Contact Number

  • You need to make sure that your telephone number is ideally a landline or an 03 phone number, as this looks a lot more professional than a mobile phone number. 

Call to Action

  • Some Themes offer Call to Action elements within the Header, and these may be visible on the Product Page of your Obodo shop too. Ensure that you have populated these with text and links to the relevant page where applicable (such as ‘free shipping’ linking to your Delivery & Returns Webpage for example).


Product Name

  • How you name your Products is very important and changes according to the kind of items that you’re selling. It’s essential that you get your Product Titles correct to ensure that your Products can be submitting to Google Shopping. 
  • You can read more about how to formulate optimised Product Names in this Guide. 

Product Images

  • Ensure that you have added as many Product Images as possible and that these are high-quality images, displaying the Product from different angles and dependent on what the Product is - it being used or worn to help illustrate the size and quality of the Product. 
  • If your Product has Variants, ensure that when a Variant is selected, the correct Product Image displays. For example, if the default Product is a red t-shirt when the customer selects Yellow from the Variant drop-down menu, the Product Image changes to the same Product in Yellow.
  • If you have a Product available in lots of different Variants, don’t use Product Images that are a combination of all of the Variants at once. Whilst this tactic that works well on auction sites like eBay, it does not look good nor entice your customers to purchase on ecommerce websites. 

Product Description

  • Your Product Description should be a minimum of 200 words. Google Shopping indicates that the maximum length for a Product Description is 5000 characters, but a minimum of 200 words should be fine for most kinds of Products.
  • Within your Product Description, you need to illustrate the reason why the customer should purchase the Products - list the benefits that the Product provides. You can read more about Product Descriptions in this Guide.
  • Your Product Description should also list specifications or specific attributes about the Product, such as weight, SKU, ingredients, contents, etc. 
  • Your Product Description should not contact CAPITAL LETTERS, highlighted text or a range of fonts which are not native to the Theme. This looks unprofessional. 

Product Attributes

  • Dependent on the kind of Product range that you sell, customers may need to see specific Attributes displayed on the Product Pages. With many of our Themes, you’ll see these listed within the Specifications tab.
  • Even if your Product Attributes are not visible, it is still essential that they are there as this allows you to submit your Products Feed to Google Shopping. 

Stock Control

  • If you sell popular Products that can quickly go out of stock, ensure that you have amended your Stock Control settings to offer customers the ability to be notified when a Product is back in stock. 
  • Bear in mind too that if you have lots of Products that are out of stock, this doesn’t make for a good shopping experience for your customers and you should ensure that any Products that are out of stock are hidden from display if you do not want to allow their purchase or Back In Stock email notifications.

Social Share Buttons

  • Configure the Social Plugins feature to add Share buttons onto your Product Pages. This allows customers to share the Product Page to their own social media profiles, increasing the visibility of that Product. 

Related Products

  • Install the Related Products feature to display Products similar to, or that can be used in conjunction with, the Product on the Product Page. This is an upselling opportunity when configured correctly and the Related Products are indeed related - don’t link different Products that aren’t relevant!

Recently Viewed Products

  • If you feel that your Products would not suit the Related Products feature, then install the Recently Viewed Products feature instead, which will display the Product Pages a customer has viewed already whilst they have been browsing your Obodo shop. Of course, these Recently Viewed Products won’t be visible when the customer lands on the Product Page as an entry point to your shop, but as they browse these previous Products will be displayed to tempt the customer into revisiting them to purchase. 

Design Images

  • Some Themes - such as Triad and Trinity - have Design Images displayed on the Product Pages. These are universal Design Images, which means that they displayed the same across all of the Product Pages of that Obodo shop. Ensure that you have removed the default images that come with that specific Theme and replaced them with your own versions, hyperlinking these to other pages of your shop to assist navigation and highlight any discounts or important information. 


Contact Details

  • Displaying your contact details within the footer of your Obodo shop helps to instil trust in your customers. You need to ensure that these details are current and are a minimum of a telephone number, physical location and an email address.
  • If you are trading from your home address, you don't need to add your door number, just your street and town is fine.
  • You need to make sure that your telephone number is ideally a landline or an 03 phone number, as this looks a lot more professional than a mobile phone number.

Call to Action

  • Some Themes - such as Offbeat and Orthodox - offer Call to Action elements within the footer. Ensure that you have populated these with text and links to the relevant page where applicable (such as ‘free shipping’ linking to your Delivery & Returns Webpage for example).

Webpage Links

  • The majority of Themes will display links to the Webpages on your Obodo shop as standard. Within that in mind, you need to ensure that each of the Webpages linked in the footer has been populated properly. 
  • If you’re not sure what Webpages you need to have on your Obodo shop, follow the steps in this Guide and create Webpages appropriate for your customers. 

[tips]Don’t forget that you can change the way that different elements on your Product Page are displayed by using the Layout Editor. [/tips]



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