[intro] When you have completed this Guide, you will have added Colour Swatch Product Variants, which will allow customers to see at a glance the range of colours that an item is available directly from the Product Page. [/intro]



Colour Swatches are an ideal Product Variant to use if you sell items which are available in a specific colour such as clothing, footwear, paint or cosmetics. Before you begin, you need to have completed this Guide so you can understand the best way to display Products with Variants on your Obodo shop without affecting your customer's experience or page speed.

Adding Colour Swatches

1. Click the green Create Variant button on the right-hand side for colour:

2. In the window that appears, tick the box on the top right-hand side to allow the colours choices to be visible on the Category Pages, and then give the first Variant Choice a name and click the circle in the colour column:

3. This will reveal two options ‘Colour’ and ‘Pattern’. Click Colour:

4. This will open the Colour Picker window, where you can either enter the code for the colour in the # field or use the circle and slider to select the correct colour. When you have selected the correct colour, click the green + symbol to add that Variant Choice:

[tips]If you are not sure of the exact colour code for your Variant Choice, install the ColorPick Eyedropper Chrome Extension by clicking here. This handy extension is displayed in the top right of your Chrome browser and if you click it and hover over an online image, it will reveal the hex colour code which can then be added into the # field of the Colour Picker window in your Obodo shop, so you can rest assured that the colour matches the Product exactly.[/tips]

5. Repeat this process until all of your Variant Choices have been added. Press the green Save button when you have finished adding your final Variant Choice:

Adding Images to each Colour Swatch

6. You now need to add Images to each of your Variant Choices so that as customers click on the Product Page, the Product Images changes accordingly. To do this, click the Edit button on your first Variant Combination:

7. In this area of the Edit Product window, you can edit different aspects of this specific Variant Combination. Click the Images & Photos tab on the left-hand side:

8. Click the Pencil symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the first Image field. You will then be able to choose whether to Upload New - upload a Product Image from your computer for this Variant Combination, or whether to Choose Existing, and select an existing Product Image from your File Manager:

9. When you have added the first image, aim to add more Product Images until the full row is completed to guarantee the best level of customer experience. Customers like to see the Product at different angles, with Images concentrating on specific Product Details. When you have completed this task, click the green Save button on the bottom right-hand corner and then click the ‘Return To Master Product’ tab on the top right-hand side of the window:

10. You now need to repeat this process for your other Variant Combination (steps 6-9). Click the Edit button:

11. Repeat this process until each Variant Combination has been populated with Product Images. When you have finished, you can select which Variant Combination is displayed by default by clicking the circle symbol on the far left-hand side to make it blue. Now you need to click Save & Close:

12. On the Product Page, your Colour Swatch Variants will look like this:

[remember]Please bear in mind that if you have a product with a lot of variants, this will change the way you have to display this product, as lots of variant choices can negatively affect the page loading time and therefore, the user experience for any potential customers visiting your site. If you’re not sure how to display your products with variants correctly, contact our Customer Support Team, who will be able to advise you further.[/remember]



[contact]If you need our help with your Obodo shop, contact our Customer Support Team, who will be able to point you in the right direction. We're open from 8am-6pm weekdays and 9am-5.30pm on the weekends. If you have a non-account specific question ask the Obodo Team, join us in the Obodo Community on Facebook. [/contact]