[intro]When you have completed this Guide, you will have installed and configured the Holiday Mode feature on your Obodo shop.[/intro]



If you are due to go away for a week or two to a place where the sun shines brighter, then it’s a good idea to install the Holiday Mode feature before you go. This allows you to display a notice on the Shopping Cart page informing your customers that you’re away, and you can choose whether or not you want to continue accepting orders whilst you’re away too! Bear in mind it’s best practice to accept orders if you’re away, as not taking orders for a period of time can put off potential new customers to your Obodo shop.

Installing the Feature

1. From the Dashboard page, click the Features tab:

2. On the Features page, click the Holiday Mode icon:

3. Scroll down and click the green Install Feature button to the bottom right-hand side:

Configuring Holiday Mode

4. Tick the box to enable Holiday Mode:

5. This will reveal all of the options you need to configure:

Enable Holiday Mode = This needs to be ticked to turn the feature on.
Allow Orders = If this box is ticked, it will still be possible for customers to place orders whilst you are away.
Banner Message Text = The text in this field is visible on the Shopping Cart page.

6. If you would also like the Holiday Mode message displayed on every page of your Obodo shop, tick the box for Site Wide Banner:

6. Add a second message in the field provided - this can be different from the message that you have set to display on the Cart page. Then you can use the two Colour Picker buttons below to select the colour of the banner and the text and use the Preview at the bottom of the page as a guide. When you have configured the Holiday Mode settings, you need to click the green Save button to the bottom right-hand side:



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