[intro] When you have completed this Guide, you'll know how to upload images in bulk to your Obodo shop using the File Manager. This is ideal if you are planning to populate your shop with products on a spreadsheet from a supplier, or you have produced your own Design Images and want to upload them all at once.[/intro]



If you are simply uploading Design Images onto your Obodo shop to assign to different elements, then skip to the steps required to bulk upload. If you have received a .zip file or similar of Product Images from your supplier, it’s essential that you have a look at the type and the quality of the images before you upload them to your Obodo shop. Essentially, what you are aiming for is a collection of Product Images that are uniform in terms of shape, size and background content to use in your Obodo shop. This ensures that regardless of what Theme you apply, your Product Images will always look fantastic. You can read more about Product Images in this Guide. 

Products Images in different shapes or with different backgrounds

However, if your images are different shapes, such as rectangular (vertical or horizontal) they may need some further editing according to the content of the image. Or if some of the Product Images have a background yet some of the others don’t, you would need to remove the background and place the product itself on a new, square canvas.

Before you begin, we recommend ensuring that the images are the right shape and size for the best possible results on the Obodo platform in terms of aesthetic and user experience. We recommend that all Product and Category Images are square in shape; they can be as small as 500x500 pixels and as large as 2000x2000 pixels, however, 1024x1024 pixels square is the optimal size for both on your new Obodo shop. To crop your images to the right size or change their file type, we recommend the free website Canva.com (ideal if you’re a complete novice to image editing) or Pixlr.com (another free online platform not unlike Photoshop).

Bulk Resizing Images

If you’re lucky and the Product Images you’ve received from your supplier are all square-shaped with identical backgrounds already, all you need to do is to resize them. There are lots of free websites online that can help you resize your images in bulk, such as Bulk Resize Photos. If your images are .jpeg files and are not as big as 1024 x 1024 square, do not resize them to be bigger than what they are or this will negatively affect the image quality. Instead, set the images to be the size of the smallest image - if there is one- providing that image is at least 500 x 500 pixels square. Simply upload all of your Product Images, enter the size you would like them to be and download the edited versions.

Bulk uploading Images to your Obodo shop

1. Log into your Obodo shop as normal and then click the Design tab:

2. Click File Manager:

3. File Manager will always open by default on the Product & Category Images tab - bear this in mind as if you want to upload Design Images, you will need to click the Design Images tab before you begin. Skip this step if you are bulk uploading Product or Category Images:

4. Open the folder on your computer containing the images you’d like to upload onto your Obodo shop. This is called File Explorer. When you have opened the folder, you should be able to resize it so you can see both your File Manager and your folder at the same time, by dragging the edges of the File Explorer window:

[remember]If you uploading lots of Design Images all at once, it's essential that you have optimised them all first to ensure that your Obodo shop pages load quickly for your customers. You can read more about optimising your Design Images in this Guide. [/remember]

5. You then need to highlight all of the images in your folder and drag them into the Drag & Drop box in the File Manager:

Bear in mind too that if you have a lot of images in your File Explorer that you want to upload you can click the View tab to change how they are displayed to allow you to select and upload more of them at once:

Discovering the address of your Image

If you are hyperlinking a PDF file or a Design Image to some text on your Obodo shop, you’ll need to know the address of your file. To find the file address of an image or PDF, simply hover over the file to see it revealed. You can then right-click the file to copy the address, which then can be hyperlinked to some text or an image:



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