[intro]In Category Descriptions are as the name suggests, descriptions which are visible when you view the Category Page. Their purpose is to summarise what Products can be found in that category, with brand names too if possible. This is for your human visitors, but also for Google as well, as it will search that text for Product titles and brand names and list your site accordingly in search engine results.[/intro]

1. To edit your In Category Description, click the Shop tab:

2. Ensure the Edit Content edit button is highlighted on the bar to your top right:

3. Using your menu, navigate to the Category Page you want to add the In Category Description to. Usually, the Edit Content button for this is placed near to the Category Name. Click the Edit Content button to open the Edit In Category Description window:

4. You now need to populate the field provided with a description for the Products that can be found within this Category. Contain Product and brand names if you can for Google purposes, but most importantly, make it sound human too. Ideally, you’re aiming for around 100 words within this area, which is a relatively short paragraph or two. When you have added your In Category Description, simply click the Save & Close button on the bottom right-hand corner of the Edit In Category Description window:

If you are copying your In Category Description from elsewhere, such as another website or a Word document, ensure that you paste it into the NotePad application first (if you’re using a PC, run a search for Notepad, however if you are on a Mac, use TextEditor). Using this application ensures that any code used to format the text elsewhere is not carried onto your website, preventing text displaying in different sizes and colours throughout the paragraphs.



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