[intro] When you have completed this guide, you will have learned all about the File Manager on your Obodo shop, where you can upload Product and Design Images, PDF files, CSS and lots more. [/intro]



The File Manager on your Obodo shop is where all of the images and other files are located. 

Where to find the File Manager

1. You can find the File Manager by logging into your Obodo shop and clicking the Design tab:

2. You then need to click File Manager on the red navigation bar:

3. The File Manager always loads the Product & Category Images tab by default:

4. The images you can see listed are used as Product Images in my own test shop. Click the Design Images tab :

5. This will display any Design Images that have been uploaded onto your Obodo shop. Typically, you will find your logo here and any banners that you have uploaded so far. Click the Style Sheets tab:

6. This is where you can upload Style Sheets by clicking on the Drag & Drop box. Click the Favicon tab:

7. This is where you would upload the .ico file required to add a Favicon to your Obodo shop. Click the Other File tab:

8. This will reveal where you can upload files which customers can download, which is ideal if any of your Products have supporting documentation, such as Health & Safety information, for example. You can upload txt, pdf, js, doc, docx, xml, htc and mp3 files to this area:

How to Upload Files

1. Regardless of which tab you are uploading files to, the process is the same. You can either click on the Drag & Drop box and select the file from your computer that way:

2. Or alternatively, you can drag the files from a folder on your computer into the File Manager:

Deleting single Files

To remove a single file from the File Manager, simply click the red dustbin symbol:

Deleting multiple Files

To remove multiple files from the File Manager, you simply need to tick the box on each file you want to delete, before clicking the Delete Selected Images button on the bottom left:

Discovering the address of your File

If you are hyperlinking a pdf file to some text on your Obodo shop or you are adding lots of new Products via a spreadsheet and the Import/Export System, you’ll need to know the address of your file. To find the file address, simply hover over the file to see it revealed. You can then right-click the file to copy the address, which then can be hyperlinked to some text or pasted into the relevant part of your spreadsheet:



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